How to Stop a Rock from Growing

Tarek Haddad & Laetitia Hakim (duo)

The project is a coming together of two Lebanese photographers to reflect on the socio-political actuality in Lebanon. It was born in light of the October 2019 revolution. “How to stop a rock from growing” is a reflection on power struggle, absurdity, and fragility, based on the game of rock, paper, scissors. It questions the equilibrium maintained by the parities between the elements once one of the elements goes missing, and reflects on the status quo in Lebanon and the struggle to bring change in the political scene.

Our joined practice is based on complementarity, duality, playfulness, and materiality. This project is a conscious inspection of the composition of the components of the game, their properties, strengths, and how they interact with one another.

How to stop a rock from growing (A)

Element A02

Element A14

Element A23

How to stop a rock from growing (B)

Element B02

Element B14

The tipping point

The asteroid

Pressure points

Specs of dust


Divide and Conquer

The mask

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